Partner with LCL Electronics for Design for Manufacturing and experience cost savings and faster production

At LCL Electronics, we provide additional value-added services and processes, such as Design for Manufacturing (DFM or Design for Manufacturability), with the aim of reducing manufacturing and production costs.

Using our years of experience in electronic manufacturing and process control, we review the customer’s product data pack and Gerber files, which enables us to find any cost savings in both materials and the actual manufacturing process. This may result in minor changes to the design, where some components may be re-positioned on the board to allow for a more efficient assembly process.

By identifying any potential issues early in the design stage, as well as optimising component dimensions, proximity on the board and tolerances, we usually find cost savings which can be passed on. As well as reducing costs, we also find that this allows our customers to bring their products to market far quicker. This process also produces a more reliable product, as any issues have been identified and fixed at the start of the design process.

Technology is moving at a very fast pace, and product needs are becoming quite demanding. Components need to reduce in size as products become increasingly smaller, so assembly techniques are updating and changing in line to keep up with this trend. As we invest in the latest equipment and technology, we can keep abreast of these requirements.

We can also provide technical expertise and information, often providing a second opinion for our customers as they design new products. This approach reaps benefits for both us and the customer. For more information email us at or call +44 (0) 116 2606171.