Cable Assembly

We offer wire and cable preparation ranging from large cable harnesses, using a variety of cables, to simple cut and strip. Our range of high speed cut, strip and crimp equipment enables us to quickly and accurately process large quantities of cables and wires for all applications.

Product areas include services such as cut and strip wires and cables, crimping, using either automatic machinery or a range of hand tools, wire links for PCBs, tin dipping and control panel wiring.

We operate a fully automatic Kappa 310 wire cutting and stripping machine, which enables automatic cutting to length and stripping of the insulation material.

The machine is capable of processing cables sizes from 0.02mm/2 up to 6.00mm/2 and 999.9metres in length. The insulation can either be automatically cut and stripped from the core or cut and left in situ for hand removal.

We use a combination of automatic electric crimpers for larger volume works and core sizes up to 10mm² and manual crimping for lower volume and larger core sizes.

Our Mecal TT universal press allows us to automatically crimp a wide range of terminals. The press is suitable for larger volumes and gives consistent crimping across all ranges of cables.

We carry out simple panel wiring to complex interconnect harnesses for a range of industry sectors. We cover a variety of cables from single core through to multicore and ribbon.