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LCL Electronics Assembly is a UK-based contract electronics manufacturer (CEM), offering customers a full turnkey manufacturing solution, including prototype, pre-production and medium volumes of PCBs, product build and cable harnessing.

We produce, assemble and test printed circuit boards (PCBs) to the highest quality for a wide range of customers, including many blue chip companies.  From rock ‘n’ roll to rolling stock, our PCBs are used in global industry sectors as diverse as education electronics, leisure, audio, rail, fire safety, signalling, LED lighting and medical diagnostics.

Investing in the latest technology and equipment ensures we remain at the forefront of PCB technology, including LED assembly capabilities.  This includes the ability to place components as small as 01005 mm through to large complex POP assembly, including domed LEDs – on to boards of up to 1.5m long.

Our commitment to quality and service means we are the ‘go-to’ CEM for customers everywhere.  Our experience combined with investment in automation, quality, assembly expertise and global purchasing allows us to offer a very competitive component procurement, assembly and testing package, tailored to meet customer requirements, from simple production orders right through to complex and bespoke electronics products.

Contract Electronics

LCL Electronics Assembly consists of a team of individuals that have been delivering quality service & PCBs to customers for more than 30 years.

Based in Leicestershire, our Midlands location in the centre of England allows us to respond quickly to the often complex demands of our many UK customers.


LCL Electronics Assembly specialises in providing SMT assembly services, including 0201, fine-line, BGA and Micro BGA, to high-tech companies. Read More

LCL Electronics Assembly has a team of individuals that have been delivering quality service & PCBs to customers for more than 30 years. The flexibility of our equipment and highly skilled workforce allows us to offer prototype and volume build quantities. Read More…

We specialise in LED assembly, working with customers to understand their requirements, and tailoring our tools, processes and testing to deliver high quality products. Read More…

With our full Box Build service we manage the entire operation, from component and PCB procurement, through PCB and mechanical assembly, to full box build, final test, packing and dispatch. Read More…

We offer wire and cable preparation ranging from large cable harnesses, using a variety of cables, to simple cut and strip. Our range of high speed cut, strip and crimp equipment enables us to quickly and accurately process large quantities of cables and wires for all applications. Read More…

In today’s quality driven environment, our customers increasingly expect more from us than just PCB assembly. When only the assembly work is contracted out the benefits are, whilst still potentially significant, less rewarding than if the product is tested prior to delivery. Read More…

LCL Electronics Assembly has several years’ experience in offshore project management with our Chinese partner, Falcon. Read More…

LCL Electronics Assembly has many years’ experience of global purchasing. Our offshore supply chain allows our customers to take advantage of the economic benefits of Far East supply, but with the knowledge that we provide the security of an established managed service, thus minimising the risks. Read More…

Confidence in UK manufacturing is improving*, and it appears that more UK manufacturing companies are reshoring production and bringing work back to the UK. This is good news for UK manufacturing, and will help to drive economic growth. Read More…


At LCL Electronics Assembly, we take our commitment to the environment very seriously. Our Environmental Policy is to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, that our operations are carried out with a commitment to protecting and enhancing the environment. The same commitment is also expected of our contractors and clients. This is one of our fundamental business principles.


At LCL we believe it is our high level of quality that brings customers back to us time and time again. We pride ourselves on offering clients quality products and customer service gained by a team that has 30 years’ experience in contract manufacturing.

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+Q1: Can LCL place 1.5 metre boards?

Yes. Please contact us for details.

+Q2: What are the benefits of POP assembly?

The most obvious benefit of POP assembly (package on package assembly) is motherboard space savings.

The main financial benefit of POP is that the memory device is de-coupled from the logic device. Thus:

  • The memory package can be tested separately from the logic package
  • Only “known good” packages are used in final assembly (if the memory is bad only the memory is discarded and so on)
  • Any mechanically mating top package can be used
  • Because the memory only comes into the mix at final assembly, there is no reason for logic suppliers to source any memory
  • Electrically, POP offers benefits by minimising track length between different interoperating parts, such as a controller and a memory. This yields better electrical performance of devices, since shorter routing of interconnections between circuits yields faster signal propagation and reduced noise and cross-talk.

LCL can undertake POP assembly along with other capabilities.  For more information on POP and SMT assembly, click here.

+Q3: Is POP assembly something you get asked about a lot?

At the moment, we aren’t seeing a huge amount of POP assembly queries, but it is on the rise, and something that we offer as part of our capabilities.

POP assembly, or package on package assembly is generally used where there is a requirement for a higher component density such as in mobile phones, personal digital assistants, and digital cameras.

+Q4: Why should we consider contract manufacturing?

A: Contract manufacturing offers many benefits for electronics manufacturing. With rising production costs, changing technology and out-dated skills, contract manufacturing provides a business model that addresses these issues with minimum risk and maximum returns in terms of cost-benefits.

For any electronics production, a complete infrastructure is required for which costs can be prohibitive, especially if you are a start-up or small company – purchasing, storage, personnel, accounts / finance, project managers, progress chasers, labour, capital equipment, quality control, testing, packing and shipping. Not every company has these capabilities, and this is where LCL comes in. As an established CEM, we already have this infrastructure in place, and because other customers are sharing the same overhead structure, it’s a cost-effective way of production through economies of scale. We are located conveniently in Leicestershire, which is in the East Midlands, UK.

Another advantage of using a CEM is that it allows you, the customer, to focus on your core competences, for example product design, development and marketing.

Quality is a major consideration when analysing whether to outsource your production. Of course, moving your production outside of your company may make you slightly nervous, however LCL can equal, if not improve, your level of production quality. Not only can LCL provide technical back-up, but also the high level of quality required. LCL is ISO9001:2008 approved, demonstrating our strict processes and procedures for quality. Testing is an essential part of the production process, especially due to the increasing issue of counterfeit components, and by using LCL you benefit not only from our expertise, but also from reduced risk, as this lies with us. Products will be tested and passed / failed, but you pay only for the finished products. Following on from this, if your product isn’t successful, by using LCL you won’t have paid out any outlay for capital equipment or infrastructure – thereby limiting any losses and costs committed.

Using LCL offers companies significant benefits through economies of scale. You are buying into the improved purchasing capabilities of our company because of the volumes that we buy at. This reduces costs for everyone in the supply chain.

Our technical capabilities have benefited customers significantly, by being able to use our expertise to offer component cost down through our global purchasing and offer input on production techniques at the design and development stage, for example, this was successfully carried out on a wireless product where the overall cost of the unit was reduced by 30%. This can lead to an improved end product, produced and delivered quickly and economically, to its full potential.

+Q5: What sort of customers do you work with?

A: We work with a wide range of small-medium sized companies across a number of different markets in Leicestershire, East Midlands and across the UK. We can either help with part of your assembly process e.g. PCB assembly, or the complete build. Also, we can accept either free-issue components or we can carry out the purchasing if required. Higher volume requirements can be dealt with by our partner in China.

+Q6: Who are LCL's offshore partners?

A: Our partner is Falcon Industries in Donguan, China. We have been working with Falcon for over seven years.

+Q7: What controls does LCL have over their offshore partners?

A: LCL has a partnership with Falcon, our offshore partner, where we control everything from the UK including purchasing and procurement, with daily updates on production, regular visits to the sites and any production in China is backed up by the UK.

+Q8: Who are your other customers?

A: We have a wide range of small-medium sized customers across a number of industries. These include companies in:

  • Audio
  • Fire-safety
  • Lighting controls including LED
  • Medical
  • Instrumention
  • Signalling
  • Gaming

+Q9: What is the minimum quantity order you can do?

A: We can process orders from one upwards. No job is too small! Unlike many other CEMS, we will happily work on low quantity orders. Please contact us for more information.



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