In today’s quality driven environment, our customers increasingly expect more from us than just PCB assembly. When only the assembly work is contracted out the benefits are, whilst still potentially significant, less rewarding than if the product is tested prior to delivery.

This leaves our customers’ in-house electronics engineers free to perform other duties. Plus, receiving fully tested assemblies increases our customers’ confidence and reduces timescales in the subsequent stages of system integration. This helps to achieve on-time delivery to the end customer.

The most appropriate level and nature of testing can be determined to balance the complexity, style and product function. The route to cost-effective testing includes the ability to provide comprehensive diagnostics, such that manufacturing or component defects can be corrected in the minimum of time and least impact on the production cycle.

Today’s CEM is increasingly being asked to meet those demands and that is why LCL Electronics Assembly offers a broad range of test services to complement their assembly activities.