SMT Assembly

LCL Electronics Assembly specialises in providing SMT assembly services, including 0402, fine-line, BGA and Micro BGA, to high-tech companies.

We have a comprehensive manufacturing facility in Leicestershire which includes fine-pitch, micro BGA and BGA assembly, with ERSA scope inspection and rework station.

We also run two surface mount lines comprising of the following:

  • Line 1 – Yamaha I-Pulse M2 and M20
  • Line 2 – Yamaha I-Pulse M20

In addition we have a full test and error detection facility, including automatic optical inspection.

The flexibility of our equipment allows us to offer prototype and volume build quantities in both surface mount and through hole PCB assembly. Focusing on customer care and maintenance, we provide cost effective solutions to ensure on time delivery and consistent high quality.

Surface mount assembly greatly reduces assembly time and reduces production costs.

LCL Electronics Assembly’ SMT capabilities offer advantages over conventional PCB assembly:

  • Smaller components. Smallest is currently 0.4 x 0.2 mm. (.01″ x .005″ – 01005)• Much higher number of components and many more connections per component• Simpler automated assembly• Small errors in component placement are corrected automatically
  • Components can be placed on both sides of the circuit board
  • Lower resistance and inductance at the connection (leading to better performance for high frequency parts)
  • Better mechanical performance under shake and vibration environments
  • SMT parts generally cost less than through hole parts
  • Fewer unwanted RF signal effects
  • Faster assembly. Our placement machines are capable of placing more than 31,000 components per hour

The BGA is a logical progression from the dual-in-line surface mount (SOIC) packages, which were being produced with more and more pins, and with decreasing spacing between the pins. As package pins got closer together, the danger of accidentally bridging adjacent pins with solder grew. BGAs do not have this problem when the solder is factory-applied to the package.

With our ERSA inspection system for BGA and Micro BGA assembly you can be assured of perfect quality every time.