Confidence in UK manufacturing is improving*, and it appears that more UK manufacturing companies are reshoring production and bringing work back to the UK. This is good news for UK manufacturing, and will help to drive economic growth.

The reasons for this are numerous. UK manufacturing is no longer seen as expensive as it once was, and coupled with other benefits, it means that reshoring is often seen as the better option.

Why choose LCL for your UK production?

  • We live and breath quality, so you can be sure of the highest standard for your order
  • Internal systems and expertise ensures better quality control and management
  • Our central-UK location means improved logistics and lead times – transport and speed of delivery, reducing time to market and costs
  • We have a strong, reliable network of suppliers
  • Highly experienced technical staff with many years’ industry experience and who understand your business
  • UK-based customer support
  • We can offer favourable payment terms – a major benefit for purchase managers when placing an order, however small or large

By choosing a UK CEM like LCL, you’ll be supporting UK manufacturing and job creation, helping to create healthy competition and developing the UK economy.

*Observations from recent exhibition.

Source: EEF