PTH Assembly

LCL Electronics Assembly has a team of individuals that have been delivering quality service & PCBs to customers for more than 30 years. The flexibility of our equipment and highly skilled workforce allows us to offer prototype and volume build quantities.

We assemble all PCBs, including single-sided, PTH or multi-layered, up to 18 layers. We also offer mixed technology assembly. Whilst there are many similarities in each job we do, we appreciate that every customer has unique requirements. For this reason, we work very closely with you to find out what works best for you.

For fast turnaround prototyping we can offer hand assembly by our highly skilled and highly trained workforce.

For larger runs we are fully automated. If it is speed and reliability you need in your manufacturing, then our Universal VCL axial lead sequencer inserts 15,000 components per hour. Together with missing part detection and component verification we can guarantee consistent quality.

Once assembled, the boards are then passed through our CMS400, which is set up for lead-free soldering. To complete the automated process, our Blundell Cropmatic lead cutting machines give a quality finish. Selective soldering is also available when required.

Upon completion, the boards are subjected to rigorous inspection by a highly trained team and, if required, testing. The end result is a high quality and cost effective product, delivered to you on time and within budget.

All of our manufacturing comes with the peace-of-mind knowledge that you are dealing with a quality company. UL certificated, ISO9001 2008.

We recognise the need to provide our customers with a seamless transition from prototype to pre-production and on to full production. With this in mind, our manufacturing facility in the UK is backed up by a similar operation offshore for the higher volume requirements.

Selecting the right manufacturing partner for production will allow fixed pricing and timely deliveries with guaranteed quality.

LCL can also offer offshore manufacturing through our Chinese partner for medium to large volumes of printed circuit assemblies and product build bringing the advantage of low cost labour rates, but without a reduction in quality.