LCL Electronics creates a brighter future with LED lighting

As a leading UK contract electronics manufacturer, it’s important for LCL Electronics to be seen to be driving best practice in all areas of production and manufacturing. This has led the company to invest in new LED lighting throughout its factory and production space. In total, 20 light fittings were removed and replaced with LED high bay fittings.

Benefits of the new lighting system include:

  • Enhanced working environment and instant, brighter, cleaner light
  • Significant cost savings
  • Longer life so they need little maintenance and downtime
  • Environmental benefits – LEDs consume less energy, with fewer carbon dioxide emissions

Judy Hatton, Commercial Manager for LCL Electronics, said: “The lighting needed to be improved for a number of reasons, not least for the comfort of our staff and the fact that they were deteriorating due to age. Add in the environmental benefits, and it’s a win-win solution all round”.