Markets we work in

LCL Electronics works for a number of customers in a wide range of markets and industries.  We offer production and PCB assembly from a single prototype and small batches to however many you need.  We produce electronics for:

  • Audio and sound equipment
    • Loudspeaker systems
    • Amplifiers
    • Mixers and controls
  • Medical devices
    • Monitoring systems
    • Medical diagnostics
  • Casino and gaming equipment
    • Gaming controls
    • Casino machines
  • Automotive
    • PCBs
    • Assembly
  • Oil test and measurement equipment
  • Portable and handheld electronics
    • Education equipment
    • Tutorial electronics kits
  • Heating controls
    • Leisure equipment
    • Swimming pool heating controls

LCL Electronics can produce electronics for any market and industry.  Simply contact us to discuss your requirements.

LCL Electronics PCBs

PCBs ready for production